During the POC21

Prototype and POC21

Since our last Newsletter, we have already passed the first half of POC21 and we are finalizing our prototype aquaponic system for the final exhibition.

The greenhouse that protects our ecosystem has arrived and we are now in the process of assembling. We combine all the components that increase the productivity of our garden. The pool is already ready to welcome its new guests, the trouts!

 myfood in the media

The good news of the week: our solution will remain permanently at the Château after POC21, which promises a test in a more advanced situation in the coming months… Do not hesitate to join us, to become also a Pioneer Citizen, click here.

The POC21 innovation center attracted the interest of local and international media, which helped to increase the visibility of the 12 sustainable and Libre projects vis-à-vis the general public.

Our team really enjoyed meeting the journalists who were very enthusiastic about our projects. A film crew from TF1 came to film Mickaël and Johan during a brainstorming session. The last weekend, Greenpeace Magazin spent a long time with Mickaël to discuss about myfood and its involvement in the ecological transition.

A few days ago, the German newspaper Wired also asked us about our vision. On this occasion, we have again lent ourselves to the game of photo shooting!

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