The opening of the myfood Community

Last days of POC21

The last days of POC21 have been very intense and we are preparing for the final exhibition. We have two days left before kick-off of the opening to the public. We will then introduce our new myfood prototype to the entire Community!

We will welcome all interested parties this weekend during the public opening of POC21 (19/20 September). Places are limited … Register online to avoid unpleasant surprises. A beautiful geode was erected for the occasion to present the camp and the projects of which myfood is a part.

Visitors will be able to discover the result of our work on site and to imagine what a production greenhouse means. This is the perfect opportunity for you to decide to take the plunge and become a #CitoyenPionnier!

People around POC21

The most notable point of POC21 is the presence of really amazing makers with whom we had the chance to collaborate. We have forged special relationships with other teams around workshops and co-creation. In difficult times, the fans helped us a lot. Similarly, sessions with mentors allowed us to define specific plans for the continuation of POC21. The volunteers, very active, offered their time and energy to support us all. To all these people, we would like to thank them for this extraordinary experience.

We hope to meet you during these myfood presentation days. By building this myfood community, we want to involve as many people as possible and gather energies around the issue of food self-sufficiency.