Visit of France3

After a few days off, the myfood team spent the last few weeks evaluating all of the feedback we received from our Pioneer Citizens. Thank you for participating and all the great input and ideas you sent us! Some of the improvements include more ergonomic devices, an improved filter, and holders that are easier to install. These are just a few things on the list of improvements of our system.

France3 visits myfood

On a sunny day in August, France3 Alsace came to visit us. This was an opportunity to talk about batteries that could make our system fully autonomous. From now on, the semi-transparent solar panels supply the energy to the pump and the electronic circuits.

The Pioneer Citizens in Action

We continuously receive feedback about our greenhouses with personal customization. Pioneer Citizens grow peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and salads… Currently, some users report that they harvest between 1 to 1.5kg daily!