myfood storms into the European Market

We welcome our new pioneers in Villarsel-sur-Marly in Switzerland with Mireille and Cédric and in Monaco.

Our greenhouses are crossing borders and our community is becoming more and more cosmopolitan.

Watch a Preview of the Canadian Documentary “Maraîcher 2.0” (Featuring myfood)

Pastel Fluo, a Canadian company producing inspiring short movies, toured with us this summer. They met the pioneers who provided testimonials about their experiences.

A New Tutorial to Mount Your Vertical Aerospring Garden!

Here we present our bioponic Aerospring garden which requires less than one-third of a square meter of surface area (less than 3.5 square feet) to grow 36 different plants, the equivalent to 3.3 square meter (36 square feet) vegetable garden!
This is enough to eat grow all your lettuce, herbs and other vegetables without pesticides or GMOs all year long.

The Pioneer Citizens in Action

Winter is slowly settling and with it, the cold weather! Yet our plants continue to thrive in our greenhouses and grow.

Quote of the Month

Christelle and Jean-Pierre discovered aquaponics at a workshop in Gers, France. Convinced by the approach, today they join the community of pioneers.