Happy New Year!

The Whole Team Wishes You a Happy Holiday Season!

The year 2018 is already here and we are proud to have been by your side. These last fews months have been very exciting for us and we have arrived at the end of the year, ready for new adventures.

We wish you a happy holidays before meeting once again to continue together towards healthier and more responsible food consumption!


This recognition shows that our initiative is no longer just a project out of the garage but it is able to become one of the biggest innovations in France. And we will not stop there.

Get to Know your Plants: Jean’s Horticulture Advice

We recently published an article by Jean, myfood’s agricultural engineer, about the plant’s root network.

You will discover all the functions of roots, a subject we often forget to think about.

You will also find tips to promote healthy roots and therefore healthy plants.


The Pioneer Citizens in Action

Snow, temperatures below freezing and lots of wind, the cold season starts strong.

This is not a hindrance to our Pioneer Citizens who have a greenhouses to protect their vegetables. Result: the greenhouses continue to produce for the everyone’s pleasure.

Quote of the Month

We finally launched our own greenhouse next to our office. We met together one afternoon to plant our first vegetables in the team’s greenhouse.

Everyday now, we enjoy the taste of our own produce. Here is a video of this beautiful day.