Spring time for us

Bonjour, Mister President!

The International Agriculture Fair in Paris was a full success! Urban Gardening was one of the main topics, and we were happy to represent aquaponics. We met a lot of inspiring people and it was great to hear about their projects. People do share our vision in deed!

It is no secret that big name politicians pay the fair a visit every year. This year was no different. But not only did the French president Emmanuel Macron come the fair, he even stopped by at our greenhouse! Will there be soon a greenhouse at the Élysée Palace?

New installations are coming up

After the Agriculture Fair in Paris, we are already preparing for new installations. Our myfood community is growing steadily and there are a lot of new exciting projects to look at, such as the greenhouse of Yves and Laurence at the French department of Yvelines.

A Facebook page for Germany!

As of this week, we have a Facebook page in German for all of the interested residents at our neighboring country. You want to stay updated about our adventure? Then check out our German Facebook page!

Our “SpringTime” kit has arrived!

While spring is taking some time to show up, we are already prepared for the season. Check out our latest seedlings!

You’ll find three kinds of salad, pak choi, dill and cilantro in our kit.

Project of the month

High quality of their food is most important for the Metsens team. To assure this quality throughout their restaurants, boutiques and as a caterer, they are planning to acquire a myfood greenhouse.

Don’t hesitate to support them, it could be your own turn soon!