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by Mickaël

Become a shareholder today to contribute to the adventure

The collection started a few days ago and some of you are already on board for this new fundraiser.

Thanks to this new capital increase, we will be able to strengthen our sales team and have a bigger impact in Europe.

Financial product: Shares | Valuation: 5M€ | Amount sought: 500,000€ | Minimum investment: 200€ | Financial benefit: Reduction of IR 2019 by 18% of the amount invested and potential capital gain

Link to the campaign :

The team lights up new faces

A shared passion for a profound change in the world of self-production.

Welcome to Nadine, Mathilde and Florian!

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Pioneers in action

In this summer, what a pleasure to find his greenhouse after his vacation!

After a few weeks at a distance, the contrast is striking: tomatoes, peppers, salads, melons, watermelons are harvested in abundance.


Software Engineer from the Fintech Industry. Very fond of Permaculture, Aquaponic systems and Cryptographic currencies :-)

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