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by Mickaël

Back from Summer and Super Motivated

The whole team is excited to deliver an ever-growing and improving experience.

Our busy season starts again with the month of September which includes: a TV shooting for a French Series Capital, official visits, organization of the next installations and putting into production of the new prototypes …

We have taken into account the feedback from this past year and we are motivated for the coming months.

Objective: 200 smart greenhouses deployed before the end of 2019.

Officially Labelled as a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution

A global revolution in food production will necessarily involve companies that can support fast, healthy growth from a financial and ethical point of view.

Several industry experts have examined the ecological and economic relevance of our solutions and it holds up!

This label retains technologies that have a high potential for global impact and we are now part of it.

Pioneers in Action

A perspective of this beautiful late summer season! The Pioneers continue to post inspiring photos and videos of their harvest.

Thank you all for these shares.


Software Engineer from the Fintech Industry. Very fond of Permaculture, Aquaponic systems and Cryptographic currencies :-)

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