How to create a landscape garden
Having a space around your house is a blessing. Let’s find out why it’s worthwhile to transform your land into a real landscape garden and above all how to do it easily! Why design a landscape garden? The garden is considered the 5th room of the house. Designing your garden allows you to enlarge your...
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En automne, les basses températures mettent en péril la survie des fruits, des fleurs et des légumes de votre potager. Pas de panique la serre innovante est là pour vous aider. Elle protégera vos plants des rigueurs saisonnières en vous permettant une indépendance vis à vis de la météo. En anticipant, la serre sera votre meilleure alliée tout...
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During the fall, low temperatures can compromise the survival of fruit, flowers and vegetables growing in your garden. Don’t be afraid, the innovative greenhouse is here to help you. It will protect your crops from the seasonal harshness while allowing you to be weather-independent. By anticipating, the greenhouse will be your best ally throughout the...
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The month of June is highly anticipated by our culture enthusiasts. Often synonymous with sunshine, heat and harvest, it is an important period. It is also the return of the pollinating insects! Their importance is significant for the development of your crops and the biodiversity of your garden. For several years, the declining population of...
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If winter nature knows how to offer us beautiful landscapes, the days are getting shorter and make us think that the time of gardening and sunshine full of vitamin D is long gone. Beware, your mind and your mood need help! With a winter garden, you no longer need to put on thick, cozy socks...
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