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Small space, big impact

The first affordable Bioponic Garden

Aerospring is a vertical gardening system, easy to use that requires only 1m2 of space, a little water and sun.

Neophyte or confirmed gardener, you will be able thanks to the Aerospring, to grow your own fruits vegetables and aromatic herbs with all your family.

You will obtain vegetables of an excellent nutritional and gustative quality thanks to the use of biological fertilizers.

A quick insight of the potential of your Aerospring

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You wish to acquire one of our greenhouses and need to project yourself on the cultivation potential?

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Discover our Aerospring key features

Cover up to 80% of your food needs

365 days a year of food production to fill your vault

Remote follow-up of your greenhouse to optimist performance

AI-based algorithms suggest you dedicated recommandations

3 weeks of complete autonomy

You can leave the system running efficiently by itself for few weeks. No regret.

No experience required, outstanding results after few months

Learn step by step with a dedicated daily support and many online tutorials.

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