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01 Our Goals


Less Water





02 Two Vertical Growing Techniques


Grow plants with fish

Recommended for hobbyists, aquarists and experienced gardeners.


The organic fertilizers do the job

Recommended for newbies, businesses, travelers.

03 Cultivation in Permaculture Beds

The idea is to reproduce a sustainable and rich ecosystem that can be found in the forest.

This is the principle of agroforestry.

By combining different types of components and cleverly combining plants, the bed becomes self-fertile.

  • 1

    Topsoil and vermicompost

    Let the soil breathe

  • 2

    Biochar retains minerals

    And promotes bacterial development

  • 3

    The clever association of plants

    Creates a resilient and productive ecosystem


04 Agronomic Study

Nutrient analysis

We constantly perform quality tests on our productions in order to ensure that we propose a combination of performance and high nutritional values.

Study done on celery: 2X more proteins, 2X more fibers

Download Study

Pesticides & Plastics Analysis

We have rigorously designed our systems to make all types of pollution impossible: pesticides, phthalates, heavy metals. We regularly audit our water, fish and plants to ensure that no harmful elements come to pollute the system.

Study done on salads: no polluant detected

Download Study

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