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Our Technologies

Collective Intelligence and Permaculture

01 Our Prerequisites


Less water





02 Smart Greenhouses Network and Collective Intelligence

All our smart greenhouses exchange information and create a complete knowledge base. Thus, neuromimic algorithms extrapolate behaviors and provide a valuable support, a transparent help for an efficient management of these complex ecosystems.

With time, the models are refined and allow a better use a daily basis.

  • 1

    The CPU collects the measures

    Or rich organic nutrients

  • 2

    The data is sent

    Through the Sigfox network

  • 3

    Algorithms consolidate their model

    By supervised learning

  • 4

    Smart notifications are sent

    To support the Pioneers in their experience

03 Permaculture Beds

The basic idea is to reproduce a sustainable and rich ecosystem just like the one found in a forest.

That is the principal of agroforestry.

By combining different types of elements and matching the vegetables properly, the mound becomes self-fertilizing.

  • 1

    Soil and vermicompost

    Let the soil breathe

  • 2

    Biochar retains minerals

    And promotes bacterial development

  • 3

    The clever association of plants

    Creates a resilient and productive ecosystem


04 Agronomic Studies

Nutrients Analysis

We constantly perform quality tests on our productions in order to ensure that we arrive at a combination of performance and high nutritional values.

Study done on celery: 2X more proteins, 2X more fibers

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Pesticides & Plastics Analysis

We have rigorously designed our systems to make all types of pollution impossible: pesticides, phthalates, heavy metals. We regularly audit our water, fish and plants to ensure that no harmful elements come to pollute the system.

Study done on salads: no polluant detected

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