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The Aerospring Vertical Bioponic Garden is ideal for growing your own herbs, vegetables and salads. Designed for balconies, terraces and sunny interiors, it allows the whole family to harvest fresh vegetables and fruits.

Each garden can produce up to 36 different plants on 1m² with minimum maintenance.

With no watering, no weeds and no pesticides, the Aerospring garden opens the door to an healthy and ecological food.



Designed for balconies and sunny outdoor spaces.

Technical Specifications

  • Height – 1m95
  • Diameter – 57cm
  •  Weight – 13 kg
  • 12 hexagonal modules
  • 12 matrix media
  • 12 tubes and 1 upper nut
  • 75L hexagonal tank and lid
  • Tower top module with cover
  • Pump and 2 spare parts

Product Content

  • Seedling kit with rockwool cubes, vermiculite
  • A selection of organic seeds
  • 36 growing pots
  • 1L bioponics fertilizer Grow
  • 1L bioponics fertilizer Bloom
  • 1 bag of fertilizing micro-organisms Bioponics Mix
  • 1 pH test kit
  • 1 timer

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