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Technical Specifications


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Our smart greenhouses allow everyone to reconnect with their food and grow their own fruits and vegetables. Without pesticides, without GMOs and without carbon impact, it is now possible to have fresh and healthy products independently.

The city Original offers all the essential tools to produce your own vegetables and fruits: vertical cultivation system, smart connectivity and community support.

You can book your smart greenhouse and become a Pioneer Citizen, a 2.0 gardener who promotes permaculture and natural growing techniques.

Designed for urban place, rooftop or balcony

Download the complete product Datasheet

Technical Specifications


  • Surface area = 3,56m² / 224cm x 159cm (38ft² / 7.34’ x 5.22’)
  • Max. height = 221cm / (7.25’ / ridge)
  • Min. height = 179cm / (5.87’ / gutter)


  • Greenhouse only = 300kg (661lbs)
  • Full system loaded with water = 500kg (882lbs)

Operating Temperature Range

  • -5°C to 40°C (23°F to 100°F )

Power Specs

  • Single Phase 230V 50Hz
  • Consumption < 70W/h

Product Content

  • Aluminum Greenhouse 3,5m²
  • Automatic Opener
  • Fish Tank
  • Pump 4000l/h (1000gph)
  • Zipgrow Tower (x8 small & x3 large)
  • myfood Solids Filter
  • Continuously Flow Irrigation System
  • Welcome Box
  • Sensors & Monitoring system
  • myfoodhub Dashboard
  • Access to the Online myfood Community

03 Delivery, Installation and Support

Our smart greenhouses are delivered between 5 and 6 weeks after your order. Full installation in 1 day.

Start cultivating the next day!

Free access to the Hub web-app and Pioneer Community support.

myfood Hub to manage your Smart Greenhouses

An helpful Community of Pioneer Citizen to support you

04 Look at our Installations & Tutorials

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