Vertical Aquaponics

The most productive out-of-ground systems often consume high levels of energy.

At times, the race for performance becomes more important than nutritional quality and creates food that is difficult to digest.

Bioponics and aquaponics offer interesting compromises. Both are efficient and natural, and work well even in a limited space area.

What is it?

Out-of-ground crops are favoured in restricted areas and where water supply is limited. This type of production in a controlled environment ensures a sufficient quantity of fruits and vegetables all year long. Even if these practices receive bad press, it is important to distinguish hydroponics from bioponics and aquaponics.

How does it work?

Fish feces supply nutrients in their water basin, which is in contact with the roots of the vegetables. A chemical transformation occurs, filters the water and feeds the crops. Afterwards, the filtered water is returned to the basin and the cycle continues. This takes place in a closed system.

How do we test it?

Focus is placed on the materials used. As a matter of fact, several types of plastic are not appropriate for the aquaponics bed. Many experiments have been documented with different types of support (full water, clay marbles, pebbles, shale). An aquarium pump or a small condensate pump should be included to ensure water circulation between the basins.

What does myfood propose?

We offer a vertical tower kit with integrated support and basin. Configurations of 6 to 24 towers can be perfectly integrated with the smart greenhouse. A mobile application allows you to watch over the health of your farm and we notify you in case a manual intervention is needed. That way, the daily maintenance of our solution remains under 20 minutes.

MickaëlVertical Aquaponics