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A Collaborative Network

01 Exchange, sharing, cutting-edge expertise

We have set up a collaborative platform to facilitate the handling of our solutions.

Thus, beginners or experienced can exchange, ask questions to the team, propose improvements in a spirit of listening and benevolence.

The success of Pioneers plantings is our priority.

We accompany them through the seasons to enable them to make the most of their connected greenhouse.

Tomatoes in Zipgrow, aquaponic system: it works!

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We keep playing? In permaculture, grapefruit variety of the grandfather, swapped in April.

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Since 7 weeks, I started my crops in the towers. Greenhouse installed late April! I begin and I find that the performance is not too bad for a beginner!
It must be said that when I have a question my savior Kane gives me instructions.

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Hello 🙂

The pH finally begins to go in the right direction (and gently) there is almost!

The plants saved in the towers greatly appreciate !!

And in the bins? The cherry tomatoes are full and the seedlings of radish and carrots start well 😉

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02 Live chat with the team

Around several themes, we propose to the Pioneers to join us in the evening to ask their questions directly.

Our agronomists – specialists in greenhouse cultivation – give precise recommendations for all types of situations.

This knowledge – from professional organic market gardening – is made available to the Pioneers.

03 View all our Production Sites

The myfood experience is also a suite of tools to help you manage your production unit.

The myfoodhub app is a monitoring tool for connected greenhouses and ensures accurate monitoring of actions and recommendations.

The quality of the exchanges via this platform helps you to go faster to high levels of productivity.




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