Smart Greenhouse

Only 1h30 of maintenance per week, a supportive community and zero pesticides

A Turnkey Solution for Home Production

Produce for a family of 3 or 4 all year round, even in winter. If your monthly expenses amount to €200, the return on investment will be around 4.5 years.

Up to 80% self-sufficiency in fresh fruit and vegetables all year round, every season. You’ll harvest lettuces, tomatoes, zucchinis, chard, broccoli, peppers, spinach, melons…

Space- and time-saving cultivation techniques: 1 to 2 hours of maintenance per week. No weeding or daily watering. Go on vacation while the greenhouse works for you.

CITY  – Up to 220lbs of fresh vegetable a year
Perfect for 2 people

FAMILY –  Up to 880lbs of fresh vegetable a year
Perfect for 4 people

Ultra-fresh production across all seasons, more than 50 varieties available

What Can I Grow within the Smart Greenhouse?

Build your own smart greenhouse today

Custom modules and options tailored to your needs
22m² smart greenhouse


Choose a model from our configurations below or create your own custom greenhouse.


Get started with the essentials
7,792 Shipping & tax excluded *


Plus permaculture
9,912 Shipping & tax excluded *

4 seasons

Grow all year long
12,000 Shipping & tax excluded *
3,5m² smart greenhouse


Your greenhouse is fully adjustable according to your your ambition. Here are some examples of arrangements


Get started with the essentials
3,775 Shipping & tax excluded *


Plus permaculture
4,608 Shipping & tax excluded *
* Shipping and tax excluded. Installation excluding travel expenses. Connectivity option City : € 425. Connectivity and Community subscription : € 39 / year (free for the first year).

Discover our smart greenhouse key features

Panier légumes Myfood

Cover up to 80% of your food needs

365 days a year of food production to fill your vault

Remote follow-up of your greenhouse to optimist performance

AI-based algorithms suggest you dedicated recommandations

3 weeks of complete autonomy

You can leave the system running efficiently by itself for few weeks. No regret.

Récolte concombres Myfood

No experience required, outstanding results after few months

Learn step by step with a dedicated daily support and many online tutorials.

Join the Pioneer Citizen community

Build your custom greenhouse with the 2024 offer

Reconnect with your foodWe believe that sustainable food production and security can be achieved in every backyard

Combine ancestral techniques inspired by permaculture.
Create an innovative symbiosis that connects the plant and aquatic world.

Our ambition?

  • Bring more transparency to the food industry.
  • Fight against the waste of energies and resources.
  • Help everyone to produce a healthy, diverse and ultra-fresh food at home.

An urban vegetable garden with a minimum of constraints.
An smart aquaponic greenhouse managed remotely.
An active and responsive community that supports you throughout the experience.
Agronomists specializing in urban agriculture at your service.

We have studied everything to ensure your success.