February 2017 Newsletter

by Mickaël on March 9, 2017

myfood lands at the Paris International Agricultural Show to Launch a New Campaign

One year has passed already and we are back at the Parc des Expositions in Paris, from now until March 5.

Thank you to all those who helped us on this journey: Sophie, Karine, Alexis, Thierry, David, Sylvain, Matthieu, Farhad, Alix, Elise, Sabrina, Margot, Valentin.

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MickaëlFebruary 2017 Newsletter

January 2017 Newsletter

by Mickaël on January 25, 2017

Come and visit us at the Salon de l’Agriculture (International Agriculture Show) in Paris between February 25 and March 5.
Just over a year ago we launched the myfood Pioneer Citizen campaign.

Nearly 30 installations later, we are back at the International Agricultural Show for our second year to present our latest innovations.

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MickaëlJanuary 2017 Newsletter

December 2016 Newsletter

by Mickaël on December 30, 2016

Myfood turns 1 year old and all this is possible thanks to you!

You are now one of the 1200 subscribers of our newsletter.

Thank you all for your contributions, your remarks and your sharing.

The adventure myfood could not have taken off without your support and encouragement.

The whole team wishes you the best for the coming year.

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MickaëlDecember 2016 Newsletter

November 2016 Newsletter

by Mickaël on December 2, 2016

The City has arrived on a Parisian rooftop
Our first City greenhouse prototypes have started spreading across rooftops and backyards and will soon be installed at a university. On just 3.5 square meters, this compact greenhouse encompasses all the technological components and capabilities of our 22.5 square meter Family greenhouse: integrated verticals towers for aquaponics and online monitoring system.

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MickaëlNovember 2016 Newsletter

October 2016 Newsletter

by Mickaël on October 25, 2016

Preview our embedded applications
Our greenhouses are now fitted with a touchscreen so that with just a glance, you can check on the vital signs of your aquaponics system. Graphs, statistics, calibration, historical data, everything is now at your fingertips!

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MickaëlOctober 2016 Newsletter

September 2016 Newsletter

by Mickaël on October 2, 2016

The newly released version of the myfood greenhouse arrives in Belgium
ACD, our greenhouse provider, has offered us the chance to showcase the myfood solution at their recently renovated headquarters. To top that off, thanks to ACD, we will also deploy our latest greenhouse at the Living Tomorrow campus (la Cité du Futur), a tech-innovation hub located near Brussels.
To whet your appetite for what we will soon release to the public, some of our new updates include a more modern and robust vertical gardening support structure, an improved Zipgrow loading table, IOT connectivity with Sigfox, and a touchscreen interface.

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MickaëlSeptember 2016 Newsletter

August 2016 Newsletter

by Mickaël on August 26, 2016

After a few days off, the myfood team spent the last few weeks evaluating all of the feedback we received from our Pioneer Citizens. Thank you for participating and all the great input and ideas you sent us! Some of the improvements include more ergonomic devices, an improved filter, and holders that are easier to install. These are just a few things on the list of improvements of our system.

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MickaëlAugust 2016 Newsletter

Production. Sharing. Emotions.

by Valentin on August 8, 2016

Is our food production system in trouble? Its ineffectiveness appears more and more clear. For now, as Europeans we can still have comfort and trust in our food supply; however, more and more of us feel distressed because we anticipate the outcomes of several factors converging to an often-uninspiring future, especially concerning dietary requirements. We will not list all the responsible problems, nor will we focus on the factors causing the problem. There is a deep disenchantment, a broken trust between the promise of productivity and the applied production materials, their side effects. The need to create a garden, a living area that is close to us, becomes important for an increasing number of concerned citizens.

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ValentinProduction. Sharing. Emotions.

July 2016 Newsletter

by Cornelia Staub on July 25, 2016

myfood at the Pall Center in Luxemburg
The seeds that gave way to this project were planted just a few months ago at a small working group that was formed in connection with the Third Industrial Revolution project in Luxembourg. Today, we can already see the first concrete changes to society in the form of a Smart Greenhouse at the Pall Center Shopping Village. More information to come in the next several weeks.

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Cornelia StaubJuly 2016 Newsletter

June 2016 Newsletter

by Mickaël on July 6, 2016

For the latest installation of our myfood greenhouse we found ourselves somewhere in the Lorraine region of France between the cities of Toul and Bar-le-Duc. Here we met Christophe and his parents who manage several permaculture gardening plots at their home. Now the myfood greenhouse is part of the landscape of the picturesque village of Guerpont. We are thankful for their warm welcome and we wish them good luck with their greenhouse!

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MickaëlJune 2016 Newsletter

May 2016 Newsletter

by Mickaël on June 4, 2016

Support our crowdfunding campaign on Ulule ! and myfood are teaming up to start a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule . We hope to expand our project by documenting and sharing the daily management of a Smart Aquaponic Greenhouse. We also plan on performing a study to verify the quality on our food production. We are reaching out to you to help finance this new initiative. We hope encourage aquaponics production methods to become more well-known and accepted in France and across Europe.

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MickaëlMay 2016 Newsletter

April 2016 Newsletter

by Mickaël on April 22, 2016

Our European Smart Greenhouse deployment campaign began earlier this month, just several weeks after the International Agriculture Fair in Paris. So far it has been an exciting month!

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MickaëlApril 2016 Newsletter

March 2016 Newsletter

by Mickaël on March 24, 2016

We were ecstatic to reunite with a large number of those who have been following us since the COP21 at the Salon International de l’Agriculture (International Agriculture Fair), which was held from February 27th until March 6th. It was a great opportunity to clarify each person’s personal project for spring.

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MickaëlMarch 2016 Newsletter

Science without conscience…

by Valentin on March 22, 2016

“Science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul…”
François Rabelais
…as well as the core of our spirit, body and the environment.

What is also true:
Culture without agriculture is also the ruin of the soul, the spirit, the body and the environment.

This is more than a mere opposition (sterile) between two words. What is important is to link them together.

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ValentinScience without conscience…

February 2016 Newsletter

by Mickaël on March 5, 2016

Come meet us at the Salon International de l’Agriculture (International Agriculture Fair)

We will be there, along with our friends from ACD Greenhouse and Gautier – France Watts, during the entire time of the show in order to present our latest prototype. Find the “Citizen Food and Agriculture” section (outdoor stand number 2.2). You will discovered the newest items that will be used to equip, slowly but surely, our Pioneer-Citizens. There are many reasons to be excited about all the initiatives of the start of this year:  off the grid solar-powered greenhouse, vertical aquaponics, pellet stove heating and greenhouse control application!

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MickaëlFebruary 2016 Newsletter


by Valentin on February 18, 2016

Including a garden in schools is a means to bring nature and education closer together.  The past paradigm of the concept of progress was the exact opposite. This form of learning elevated the educated population above the chaos of nature towards a superior order. Today, however, people are bringing nature and education together in harmony.  There is no need to keep them strictly in opposition. Educative institutions can teach, during childhood, the cycles of nature which have become foreign to us. The food we eat becomes organic residue that can be recuperated in a short circuit. This allows children to learn first-hand the direct impact our eating and consumption habits have on nature.

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January 2016 Newsletter

by Mickaël on January 29, 2016

myfood, full of confidence for January!
After a few well-deserved vacation days, myfood resumes its activities by deploying self-fertilizing permaculture beds reinforced with biochar. We received our first ZipGrow Towers order and we are now eligible for the Upstart Farmer program from BrightAgrotech. The first few connected aquaponics greenhouses will be installed in the coming weeks!

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MickaëlJanuary 2016 Newsletter

December 2015 Newsletter

by Mickaël on December 24, 2015

The COP21 is coming to a close and myfood continues to move forward

We were in Paris early December to cover several workshops during the Climate Convention. We were pleased to meet new Pioneer Citizens at ICI Montreuil, the 104 and at the l’Institut Polytechnique LaSalle in Beauvais. It was a great opportunity to share among permaculture aficionados, some curious and students whose heads are filled with interesting projects.

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MickaëlDecember 2015 Newsletter

Meet Christophe, Pioneer-Citizen

by Mickaël on November 12, 2015

We met Christophe for the first time during the POC21 exhibition in Millemont. At that time, we discussed aquaponics, which he already experimented using horizontal beds. An automated greenhouse with vertical aquaponic towers was the natural extension of his work.

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MickaëlMeet Christophe, Pioneer-Citizen

An introduction to biochar

by Thomas on October 29, 2015

Environmental disruptions and climate change due to human activity in the atmosphere as well as underground no longer need to be demonstrated. Therefore, since the light has been shed on these new preoccupations, we need to find solutions to re-balance nature while maintaining the same agricultural wield and quality. By allowing an increase of up to 200% for several plant species (up to 750% for cabbage!) all the while preserving the soil’s richness and fertility is where the Biochar becomes a growing hope!

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ThomasAn introduction to biochar

Post POC21

by Mickaël on October 1, 2015

myfood continues to grow following our success at POC21! Our community is just getting started and we can’t wait to see who else joins us.

A special welcome goes out to our new citizen pioneers who have partnered with us to test our approach. The complete myfood system will start being installed in their locations in the coming weeks. We are so pleased to be working with these wonderful individuals. Let’s see what they end up growing in their myfood gardens!

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MickaëlPost POC21

Opening the Community

by Cornelia Staub on September 17, 2015

These past days at POC21 have been really exciting as we prepare for the final exhibit. We have two days left until the doors open to the public and we present our newest ownFood prototype to the community!

We welcome anyone interested in our work to attend the POC21 open days this weekend (September 19/20). Places are limited so please register here if you want to come! A beautiful geodesic dome has been constructed to host an exhibit about the camp and projects, and nearby you will find myfood.

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Cornelia StaubOpening the Community

POC21 midpoint

by Cornelia Staub on September 10, 2015

Since our last update we passed the midpoint of POC21 and are well on our way to completing our second prototype for the final exhibition!

The greenhouse that protects our entire system arrived and we are in the assembly phase, combining all the elements to make a highly productive garden. We can’t wait for the fish to find their new home in our aquaponic tank!

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Cornelia StaubPOC21 midpoint

myfood grows at POC21

by Cornelia Staub on September 1, 2015

POC21 continues and we are making great progress on our project! The past days have been extremely busy with a number of exciting developments.

In this past week we have finished the second stand for the vertical aquaponic towers and have begun work on the automated pump system. The team here has been extremely helpful, working with us on our open source automation system and product design. We are really excited to be pushing our plans further!

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Cornelia Staubmyfood grows at POC21

POC21 update

by Cornelia Staub on August 25, 2015

Our first week at POC21 was packed with energy and exciting new developments. The most notable progress is our first prototype for the vertical aquaponic tower stand.

POC21 is an innovation camp to prototype the fossil free, zero waste society. There is a whole team of makers, designers, engineers, and scientists here to realize this ideal by helping us and the 11 other projects on site. This group of supporters, mentors, and volunteers is proving to be just as amazing as expected, testing our ideas and helping to develop the ownFood project further. The changes will affect our prototype design, materials (increasing sustainability), business model and communications plans. We are already working these in and want to thank everyone at POC21 who is helping us!

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Cornelia StaubPOC21 update

Machine-men and man-machines

by Mickaël on July 24, 2015

With electronic agendas and smartphones on wrists, the machine is getting nearer and nearer to man, or perhaps the opposite is true. Convergence seems inevitable, but is it really that obvious?

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MickaëlMachine-men and man-machines

Build an HugelKultur Bed

by Mickaël on July 15, 2015

The HugelKultur beds are self-fertile: the idea is to create an environment, biodiversity that mimics the floor of a forest. It means, rich soil, alive, flexible and – so – very productive. Their building requires time and energy. A little preparation also because it will take a good amount of materials to be able to alternate layers of carbon and nitrogen.

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MickaëlBuild an HugelKultur Bed

Soylent vs. Raw Juice

by Mickaël on July 12, 2015

They are absorbed the same way but, nonetheless, there are many differences between these two famous dietary choices.

An innovation in time, a precious time

Inspired by the infamous high-protein powders that body-builders use, Soylent contains, in its composition, all of the ingredients theoretically needed for the human body’s functions.  Nothing more, nothing less. The idea – which is commendable – is to attack the Maslow pyramid at the base by focusing on a simple, quick and inexpensive solution to feeding yourself. In that sense, the disruptive aspect is present in this innovation. It could even be possible later on to produce some yourself and to share your recipes with devoted communities. The project was financed by a dedicated crowd-funding platform, surfing on a well-calibrated humor and a calculated marketing.

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MickaëlSoylent vs. Raw Juice

Entrepreneurship and decentralisation

by Mickaël on July 12, 2015

Entrepreneurs, nowadays, have access to more efficient solutions to rapidly create adapted and innovative products. How can you serenely navigate amongst these varying disruptive technologies all the while taking advantage of the competition game? Open source initiative, crowfunding platform, incubator, and accelerator: how do these tools work around the creation of a project?

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MickaëlEntrepreneurship and decentralisation

We are myfood!

by Mickaël on July 12, 2015

We do believe that everyone should be able to produce his own food, locally.

It needs to be:
• Transparent
• Straightforward
• And Responsible

Our goal is to guide conscious individuals through more maturity regarding their food consumption sustainability. We have a four-step approach to help starting easily with transparent solution into people own food production.

We based our work following the open-source mindset and some notions that coming from sharing and decentralized economy.
That is why we want to create an Open Source Automated Greenhouse for your families and friends.

During the innovation camp POC21, we will build an aquaponic system that combining some permaculture concepts and open source hardware to get a high level of efficiency and profitability.


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MickaëlWe are myfood!