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01 What if we cultivated differently?

02 Meet our Pioneer Citizens

Since 2015, an active community share with us the ambition to change the way to produce food

03Our Mission day after day

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    Engage a Global Movement

    We provide humanity the tools to grow sustainable, healthy and ultra-fresh food

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    Support an Active Community

    We want to unify the efforts of the actors of change to create a resilient and sustainable future without unnecessary CO2 emissions or pesticides harmful to biodiversity

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    Feed the Common

    We share knowledge in order to accomplish a ecological and social transition together

Carte des serres déjà déployées depuis 2016

04 Live the Experience

You want to be a part of the Community right now?

We grow day after day thanks to our contributors across the World

05 Our latest publications

by Mickaël Uncategorized
Want to start a project today? We answer all your questions.

What autonomy? What logistics? What land preparation? What to cultivate? And when ?The path to self-production is full of questions.And that’s why we have answered all your questions in order to facilitate your decision-making. Check out all the questions / answers to get started with peace of mind: >> https://myfood.eu/faq/ CARBON AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF […]

06 Our Network Statistics in figures

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Est. Production per month


Est. CO² Spared per month

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