Reconnect with your Food.

Simplicity. Responsability. Transparency.

Our Vision

We believe that sustainable food production and security can be achieved in every backyard

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Our 4-step approach

Steps by steps, you produce more and more fresh food at home

Restorative Mulching

Regenerate your soil by covering it with a layer of compost and organic wood.

Permaculture Bed

Create self-fertile beds in the garden with a lively soil mix and biochar to increase your production.

Smart Greenhouse

Install a greenhouse that regulates the climate of your garden and connects you with up-to-date information.

Vertical Aquaponics

Adopt some fish and integrate vertical aquaponic towers to complete the system.

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Our Goal

We are advisers and solution providers for Pioneer Citizens seeking to produce their own food

A new collective awareness is emerging – we’re taking control of our food system.
Many people, however, seem to believe that food autonomy is out of reach. Some lack knowledge, some lack space, while others lack clear information.
But myfood is excited to announce that it’s now possible to produce our own food in a simple, accessible and transparent manner. No prior experience required.

Mickaël Gandecki, Core Team MemberSeptember 2015, POC21

Our Values

Our work is based on these principles

We propose easy to handle, sustainable and energy efficient solutions

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We only work with first-class organic seeds and well-documented hardware from open source initiatives

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We share our knowledge based on open source principles and our love for community engagement

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Our Pioneer Citizen Community

We are growing in Europe. Soon we start in the USA and Canada

Ready to become a Pioneer? Join the Community!

We need volunteers to test our prototypes and get reviews before commercialization


Our Corporate Partners

They bring us their know-how and share their technology

Media we’ve met

They help us inspire and engage as many people as possible

Our Academic Partners

They support us and share our vision