Data Usage Charter for Pioneers
At any time, you can decide to:
  • Recover all of your personal data in a standardized format.
  • Request the deletion of all your personal data.
  • Change the type of information you are willing to share with the Community.
Management of data related to sales, delivery, after-sales service.
Our commitments:
  • Maintain a double-authentication security level to access the platform.
  • Keep the infrastructure up to date and intervene proactively in the event of an identified threat.
  • Limit access to data as needed (centralized rights management, access perimeters linked to the users’ function).
  • Prohibit the entry of sensitive information on the tool (private order, banking data, etc.).
  • Securely manage backup and restore mechanisms.

The people being able to access the tool:

  • The internal staff of MYFOOD
  • The logistician of the ROUTIERS DE L’EST
  • ARSEA receptionist
  • The ODOO consultant of OLABS.BE
  • The accountant GREGOIRE ET ASSOCIE and the auditor
Management of data related to exchanges with the teams.
Our commitments:
  • Maintain a secure and up-to-date fleet of machines within the entire team.
  • Train team members to identify risky practices (third-party tool downloads, screen sharing, password management, phone canvassing).
  • Ensure maximum discretion regarding the exchange of personal information.
  • Use within the team, secure and standardized means of communication (mail client, instant messenger, internal wiki etc.)
Data management related to the operation of the smart greenhouse.
Our commitments:
  • Use and share anonymous data (no reference to the identity of the Pioneers or the location of their place of residence, except implied acceptance).
  • Protect the integrity and content of the database, secure the platform against potential threats.

1. Data used in MYFOODHUB application:
Default: sensor values, data transmission times, user identifiers, SIGFOX identifiers, approximate GPS coordinates, greenhouse types, options, greenhouse photos.
For those who have accepted information sharing for visits: phone number, email address, preferred time for contact.
2. Data used in MYFOODAPP application:
Sensor values, data sending times, technical logs.
3. Data used in MYFOOD online store:
Identifiers, delivery address, basket contents.

Management of shared data on social networks, media.
Our commitments:
  • Use respectfully published content on our collaboration platforms.
  • Publish only anonymised content, which can not be a source of direct or indirect nuisance (presence of indication of place in the image, personal elements).
  • Systematically ask for permission to share contact details (phone, email) if solicited by journalists or visitors.
Management of data related to the management of physical and digital documents.
Our commitments:
  • Keep physical documents in a closed, secure, limited access area.
  • Systematically destroy documents containing personal and sensitive information on everyday topics.
  • Use a secure platform for the preservation of digital documents (restricted access, encryption).
Management of data related to the use of third party platform.
Our commitments:

We use some third party platforms in our day-to-day activities.
The limited choice of these platforms results from a compromise between their functional aspect and their level of maturity in terms of information security.
Access to these platforms is done internally via a centralized password manager (double level of security).
SIGFOX BACKEND – Receiving SIGFOX messages
Data used: SIGFOX message, SIGFOX identifier, anonymized name, Pioneer number
MAILCHIMP – Send campaign mail
Data used: mail, surname, first name, Pioneer number
Data exploited: activity rate on the mail campaigns, activity rate on the actions (button activation)
TYPEFORM – Online form
Data exploited: content entered in the form (identifier, answers)
In a transversal way, we have technical tools allowing to measure the levels interactions on the site in an anonymized way.
Types of interaction measured: number of visitors, pages visited, bounce rate, source of traffic, etc.