The necessary transformation to meet the challenges of our century

A collective awareness is in motion

More and more people around the world continue to learn about the negative consequences of industrial agriculture on the environment and our own health.

The agro-food industry hurts our planet by consuming non-renewable resources, as well as intensive use of pesticides and petrol-based fertilizers, which has contributed to a decline of pollinating insects, loss of biodiversity and global warming.

The content of our plates has become a social issue.

The fruits and vegetables sold in our supermarkets have suffered from modifications that only benefit the bottom-line of these large companies and have lost their taste and nutritional value.

Enjoy nature & live with the times

Food and fun at your fingertips

Food production all year long

An abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables all year round, in every season. In September, you will harvest salads, tomatoes, zucchini, chard, broccoli, peppers …

Low maintenance required

Cultivation techniques optimized in space and time: 1 to 2 hours of maintenance per week to plant and harvest. No weeding, daily watering.

Professional support

Daily support from agronomists and passionate users on a dedicated social network. Ideal for progressing quickly when you do not know much (or not).

Easy to use

A turnkey greenhouse, delivered in 3 to 6 weeks, which even allows you to go on vacation thanks to its automated systems. Much better than a vegetable garden.

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