Discover the principles of Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a virtuous culture system in which fish and plants coexist. Thanks to natural bacteria and fish excrements, this environment offers a nutritive irrigation to plants.
A look at the history of this practice

An ancestral technique brought back to life

For 2300 years


The Chinese were pioneers in aquaponics, as they were already fertilising their aquatic crops with fish excrement. They used a clever system of combining fish farming with rice fields.
For 1000 years


Amazonian populations have been practising aquaponics in fresh and temperate waters for a thousand years, in particular through the farming of tilapia, a fish widely distributed in tropical regions.
For 6 years


The innovative Myfood greenhouses can be equipped with aquaponics ponds. This allows fish farming and market gardening to coexist in a virtuous environment adapted to the well-being of the fish.

Why choose an aquaponic greenhouse?

A beneficial circle

A fish pond can be used as a nutrient reservoir for plants. This avoids the need for manual addition of petroleum-based fertilisers. At the same time, the plants purify the water with their roots, which reduces care work.

Zero fertiliser, increased production

Irrigating the plants with fish water allows for more efficient production than with conventional cultivation. In fact, fish excrement is a considerable and natural source of nutrients.

An ecological method of cultivation

Ponds, water, fish and plants and some micronutrients. This way you avoid soil depletion and the transport of your vegetables.

Respect for the needs of the fish at the heart of the design of our solutions

To integrate an aquaponics system in our greenhouses, our team has made it a priority to set up the optimal living conditions for your fish, in accordance with the recommendations of specialists.

A monitored population

In order to keep animals at ease in their environment, the number of fish is limited for a given volume of water.

Optimal water pH

Fish and plants thrive in water with a neutral (around 7) or slightly acidic (between 6 and 7) pH.

A proper diet

The composition of the fish food as well as the amount administered daily varies according to the age of the fish, the species and the season.

Well oxygenated water

Oxygen is vital for fish, so care should be taken to ensure that ponds are properly oxygenated. Plants can also take up oxygen from the water under certain conditions.

Build your aquaponic greenhouse today

Customised modules and options to suit your needs

Fish compatible with aquaponics

Do you want to start farming but know nothing about fish farming? Here is some helpful information to help you choose your species.

Ornamental species


Easy to keep happy, easy to care for and aesthetically pleasing, the goldfish is the one we recommend to start aquaponics.

3 – 28°C 1 poisson / 20L +

Koï carp

Koi carp is the emblematic fish of Japanese ponds. It is best suited to temperate water and will add character to your garden.

4 – 32°C 1 fish / 80L ++

Edible species


Trout is a fish with fatty flesh that is easily available on the market. It is best eaten during the winter season.

0 – 19°C 1 fish / 15L +++


Common carp

The common carp is a larger fish whose optimum growth is between 22 and 26 °C. If not frozen, it will last all winter.

3 – 35°C 1 fish / 20L ++


Reconnect with your food.We believe that sustainable food production and security can be achieved in every backyard.

Combine ancestral techniques inspired by permaculture.
Create an innovative symbiosis that connects the plant and aquatic world.

Our ambition?

  • Bring more transparency to the food industry.
  • Fight against the waste of energies and resources.
  • Help everyone to produce a healthy, diverse and ultra-fresh food at home.

An urban vegetable garden with a minimum of constraints.
An smart aquaponic greenhouse managed remotely.
An active and responsive community that supports you throughout the experience.
Agronomists specializing in urban agriculture at your service.

We have studied everything to ensure your success.