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An innovative pedagogical and therapeutic tool

We offer innovative growing solutions combining turnkey greenhouses, agronomic support and a community of users. These solutions allow you to produce your own fruits and vegetables without pesticides and all year round, within reach of your plate.

These connected greenhouses also have a strong educational and knowledge transmission dimension. They are the ideal place to work on your issues such as nutrition, disease prevention, development or maintenance of motor skills, discovery of living things. Finally, they represent an undeniable place for (re)creating social links, in the greenhouse itself and through the learning community of Pioneers that accompanies it.

An alternative space to breathe, meet and learn

A place of production & education

Care & retirement home

  • Explore drug-free therapy
  • To allow people to stay in the garden
  • Provide an alternative place for families to gather
  • Develop memory and exercise the senses
  • To give the desire to eat fresh and healthy products
  • Create a bond between residents

Graduate school

  • Discover agronomy, new technologies (Internet of Things, artificial intelligence)
  • Develop research programs or learning modules
  • Generate interest in impact entrepreneurship
  • Facilitating skills development thanks to the learning community

Elementary, secondary & after-school

  • To propose an activity of awakening
  • To teach about life through playful workshops
  • To sensitize the youngest to food and sustainable development
  • Vegetate environments that are often covered in concrete
  • Go further than the activities already proposed around the compost or the vegetable garden, and this all year round


  • Raise awareness of sustainable development and nutrition
  • To be a figure of innovation
  • Accompany the ecological transition of your city
  • Green up neighborhoods or environments that are often covered in concrete
  • Unite citizens on a universal subject


  • Reintegrate through an innovative activity
  • Create a social link
  • Empowerment, recreating autonomy
  • Raising awareness about the environment and nutrition
  • To make people want to eat well
Testimonials from other pioneering schools and care homes

Our pioneers are enthusiastic and say so!

Eva Thomine, Teacher-researcher and agricultural engineer at ISEN Brest

“It’s to allow students to train in real life situations. It’s connected, so students can remotely monitor water, temperature, light, etc. It works in permaculture and students can develop projects before applying them in the field on a larger scale.”

Rebel Abi-Kenaan
Director of Care home of St-Pierre

“This greenhouse fits perfectly with our intention to develop non-drug therapies. It clearly contributes to the well-being of the resident. On the other hand, we would like to invite young disabled people from a nearby institute to enjoy the benefits of the greenhouse and even interconnect the generations.”

Agathe Cros
Responsible for the HECTAR pedagogical house

The myfood greenhouse is an opportunity to showcase an alternative solution to localized agriculture. This greenhouse also allows to host training sessions and to raise awareness of the environment and food among the younger generation, notably thanks to its citizen space, connected to the growing space.

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