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The community spirit is in the myfood DNA

01 We believe in open innovation

The community spirit is in the myfood DNA.
Our initiative was able to emerge based on knowledge, techniques that were freely shared, for the common good.

This is called “open source”

At our level, it is therefore also important to continue to engage and inspire around us by offering a platform open to a community of enthusiastic people who contribute to its evolution.

They are employees, hobbyists, retired or in transition. Everyone appropriates the tool in his own way and brings his personal touch to the whole in a free and benevolent way.

It’s open innovation.

Technology and knowledge are not useful if they fail to impact the greatest number and thus be beneficial to the whole society.
Day after day, the Pioneers live our connected greenhouses – aggregations of knowledge and past experiences – to bring this experience to all those who share our values and wish to feed in a healthy and respectful way.

02 Discover their Stories

Since 2015, an active community share with us the ambition to change the way to produce food.

Since 2017

It's full of directions that get started. I searched the forums, on Youtube from 2013

Since 2017
Since 2017

There is a good feeling, and good atmosphere there


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03 A Caring Community


04 Our Contributions

We share our knowledge to engage open source initiatives. Some hackers forked our work to test the technology or to build something totally new!

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