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Our Technology

IOT - Artificial Intelligence

01 Transparent technology to enrich the experience

The Internet of Things at the service of self-production

Our smart box collects parameters useful to the control of the greenhouse like the acidity and the temperature of the water.

Thus, our agronomists team ensures accurate monitoring of all Pioneers.

Changes, improvements and actions related to harvesting or maintenance are also recorded to provide relevant recommendations throughout the growing seasons.

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02 Greenhouses network and Collective Intelligence

All greenhouses exchange information and create a real knowledge base. Then, neuromimic algorithms extrapolate behaviors and provide real support, a transparent help to the management of these complex ecosystems.

With time, the models are refined and allow a better management of the daily greenhouses.

  • 1

    The computing unit collects the measurements

    PH, temperature sensors, etc.

  • 2

    The data is sent

    Through the Sigfox network

  • 3

    Algorithms consolidate their model

    By supervised learning

  • 4

    Smart notifications are sent

    To guide the Pioneers in their progression

03 Our Contributions

We share our knowledge to engage open source initiatives. Some hackers forked our work to test the technology or to build something totally new!
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