Smart Greenhouse

Being able to produce all year-round may seem impossible, especially during the cold winter months.

A lack of sun and low temperatures often signify the end of many vegetables’ growth period. With the use of myfood’s Smart Greenhouse, however, the growing season may be extended by more than a month and the grower can get an early start on seedlings.

We work with many high-end greenhouses (14 and 22m2) that do not require a building permit and are highly regarded within the European marketplace. Anchored into the ground, made of aluminum die-cast and toughened security glass, they are ready to withstand extreme weather events. The four skylights open automatically in order to passively regulate the temperature and the humidity levels. We can complete an installation in one day.

How does it work?

Installing a greenhouse at an individual’s home offers new possibilities. There are many species of vegetables that can grow in very cold areas of the globe. We supply non-hybrid, non-GMO seeds with these astonishing properties. Therefore, permaculture beds installed in the greenhouse will continue to produce all year long.

How do we test it?

With just a few wood planks and a plastic exterior, we can build a frame. Its low volume allows temperatures to increase fairly quickly, even during cold seasons. It’s an ideal setting for winter lettuce, leeks and cabbage.

What does myfood offer?

We move on location to meet our Pioneer-Citizens. We install the greenhouse flawlessly. Then we support the initiatives that could be launched at the local level in order to pass the message around about the steps needed in order to become food-independent. Furthermore, the greenhouse is not just a production tool; it’s also a citizen’s personal action. We suggest connecting the greenhouse by adding a radiation or air quality sensor, which can be also used to inform the community about such important environmental information.

MickaëlSmart Greenhouse