Hotels & Restaurants

You wish to support the transformation of our society in response to the challenges of our century with your company.
Contribute daily to the ecological transition

Give meaning to your hotel/restaurant

myfood offers innovative growing solutions combining turnkey greenhouses, agronomic support and a community of users. The goal is to produce your own fruits and vegetables without pesticides and all year round, within reach of your plate.

These connected greenhouses are the ideal way for you, as a professional, to grow edible flowers or rare herbs, and to enhance your plate. A great tool for transmission, around nutrition, health, and environment. These greenhouses allow you to reconnect with nature and can perfectly become a place of reception or relaxation for your customers.

An alternative space to breathe, meet and learn

Enhance flavors and emotions

Hotel Restaurant

  • Enhancing the culinary experience
  • To highlight a place of aesthetic production
  • Develop an alternative reception and relaxation area, waiting bar, resting area…
  • Reconnect with nature to work on sustainable food, health, rest
  • Highlight your commitment to society
  • Support the ecological transition

Wellness, naturopathy & Spa

  • To offer an alternative wellness experience, oriented towards nature
  • Imagine an innovative place of care
  • Complete your offer with an herbal tea bar from the greenhouse production
  • Improve the aesthetics of your place
  • Work on nutrition, health and rest with an innovative tool
  • Develop prevention with nutrition
  • Highlight your social commitment

Cooking workshop

  • To propose a place of ultra-fresh, ultra-local picking
  • Reconnect with nature
  • To improve the working and reception environment
  • Work on food and health with an innovative tool
  • Develop prevention with nutrition
  • Highlight your social commitment
  • Cooking with the seasons
Testimonials from pioneering hotel and restaurant owners

Our pioneers are enthusiastic and say so!

Yann E., Head cook, Alsace

“I like to grow plants there that are a bit rare in the trade, lovage, edible flowers, shiso… every morning I come to do my little market in the greenhouse right before service. It’s the ultimate in freshness and I don’t use any pesticides.”

Simone Zanoni, Head cook of Le George Restaurant –Hôtel Four Seasons, Paris

“I convinced my family to install a greenhouse at our home in Le Chesnay! The greenhouse will allow me to extend the harvests during seasons that are a little less favorable for crops (fall and winter). With seasonal vegetables of course.”

Clara Hoffer, Host et Cook

“The main focus of my last restaurant was on local products and vegetables. Here in Dambach, the land is rather hostile. [The greenhouse was a way to relieve my back thanks to vertical cultivation! I also managed to get into aquaponics thanks to the unwavering support of agronomists.”

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