Biodiversity: the section where we talk about everything to do with biodiversity. Biodiversity is the result of the long and slow evolution of the living world throughout the planet. Thanks to this living fabric and the interactions between each element, we obtain products and services that are essential to our lives.

Although the term has only recently come into use, it has been around for millions of years. Faced with an ecological and environmental situation that is becoming increasingly tense, we need to adopt consumption and production practices that are as respectful and sustainable as possible.

The year 2023 is ending. The time has come to look back at all the work we’ve accomplished and to take stock. The time has come to look ahead to where we want to take you dear readers, dear subscribers, Pioneers or future Pioneers, partners, suppliers, collaborators of myfood, dear all. That’s why we’ve taken...
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The month of June is highly anticipated by our culture enthusiasts. Often synonymous with sunshine, heat and harvest, it is an important period. It is also the return of the pollinating insects! Their importance is significant for the development of your crops and the biodiversity of your garden. For several years, the declining population of...
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