The internet has undoubtedly become the gardener’s best friend. Blogs, forums, tutorials, YouTube, Pinterest, it’s all good for inspiration and guiding projects. Buy your seeds from online seed retailers, watch tutorials to learn how to mulch, rediscover growing calendars, etc. In the search for productivity and, above all, simplicity, the web is teeming with innovative...
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“The world must prepare for a crisis of drinking water”, the United Nations warned a few days ago. Reason for this was the World Water Day. Similar to food shortages, water shortages will continue to increase. This will lead to ever greater tensions, especially in our agricultural system.In this article we share specific solutions for...
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pénuries 2023
We have been talking about it for months. The year 2023 is starting and all signals are red 🚨. The famous inflation “tsunami is announced for March. The Minister of Economy is trying to reassure, recognizes however that a price increase of 12% on average in food is expected over the next four months! If...
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Germinating seeds in a seedling incubator
Have you ever wondered how to successfully sow seeds? How long it takes for the seeds to germinate? What material to use? What substrate to use? What if we told you that you can do it yourself successfully? By following our tips, you can do it, yep 😉 Let’s talk about the benefits of doing...
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Melon growing in a Myfood greenhouse
Let’s take the time today to debunk a number of myths and beliefs (even urban legends!) to answer the tough question: do soilless crops taste good? Well, yes, crops do taste. Here are five arguments to prove it to you step by step. Growing in Zipgrow vertical towers The human hand Do you know what...
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Greenhouse in a pioneer's garden
The planet is on your mind, and you’re wondering how to improve your ecological impact and eat better? We have the solution: invest in an innovative greenhouse. This is not a decision you take lightly. It’s a long-term project. But we are here to answer your questions. We’ll help you sort it all out with...
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