Growing vegetables

There is nothing like tasting your own vegetables and sharing them with your friends and family! However, growing vegetables in the garden, greenhouse or backyard takes time and knowledge.

With the help of smart and connected greenhouses and the tips in this section of the blog, you’ll be able to grow beautiful crops every season.

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During the fall, low temperatures can compromise the survival of fruit, flowers and vegetables growing in your garden. Don’t be afraid, the innovative greenhouse is here to help you. It will protect your crops from the seasonal harshness while allowing you to be weather-independent. By anticipating, the greenhouse will be your best ally throughout the...
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The first, legitimate thought that comes to the mind is: is it profitable? Download   In the traditional channels: eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, fine! But at what price?Did you know that the French consumption of fruits and vegetables in conventional distribution channels is €185 per month for a household of 4 people for...
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