The community of 1,000 greenhouses

We are writing the future

Are you already part of our self-catering community or are you planning to join?

A special page of history has just been written: We have passed the symbolic number of 1000 pioneers.

Counting the pioneers of our communityauté

We have managed to decentralise the vegetable equivalent of the consumption of a town of 2500 inhabitants like Dorlisheim in Alsace.

Perhaps there is a greenhouse near you!

More than 1,000 greenhouses around the world

The impact of Myfood is becoming increasingly clear

With 200 tonnes of vegetables per year, which is now the equivalent of more than 6 small vegetable farms or 1 very large farm with 20 hectares.

The 1000 greenhouses also correspond to several dozen hectares of protected soil and almost 90,000 m3 of water that have been saved to date through aquaponics and rainwater utilisation.

This also means fewer imports of fruit and vegetables and reduces CO₂ emissions from car journeys to the supermarket.

We offer a concrete solution to provide families with a pesticide-free diet with a high nutrient content. This is not comparable to the food currently available in our shops, especially in the current climate.

What does the future hold for the community and Myfood?

The ambition is clear: we will become a necessary reflection of society:

Have your tools for self-supply of food at home.

Conventional gardening with the aim of self-sufficiency no longer adapts to the current situation (no time for work, no more space in the garden, insufficient knowledge, harrowing climatic uncertainties).

Social trends are driving the need for home production: reduction in food production, food scandals, mislabelling, inflation, scarcity, reckless transport, etc. Most of these phenomena are generally not attributable to the market.

In view of this, we will have to work on equipping the 15+ million gardens in France and beyond in Europe.

Our goal is to democratise the Myfood greenhouses and go from a developing community to a mass product with a big impact.

What about you? Do you realise what is being written here? Would you like to take part in this incredible adventure?

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