What’s for dinner tonight?

Let the first parent who has never heard this phrase come out of their children’s mouths cast the first stone! 😉

In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives as active citizens, eager to offer the best to our children, all strategies are good to take to gain efficiency in daily life without giving up the idea that access to more naturalness is possible.

Between batch cooking, the insta accounts of top chefs and overwhelmed parents who publish their everyday ‘tips’, there’s no shortage of ways to find YOUR ideal solution. But what about home cooking?

Choosing from the multitude of vegetables what to eat for dinner and for your own consumption

What is self-consumption?

Self-consumption refers to people producing and consuming their own products at home.

In 2017, 19% of the French population consumed home-grown products. These were, in order: vegetables (75%), fruit (38%), eggs and dairy products (25%), honeys and jams (18%) and meats (13%). * INSEE

So it’s vegetable gardening that interests the French most when it comes to self-consumption!

The kitchen garden, from the post-war period to the present day.

The family kitchen garden has survived the decades and generations in the same way that historic monuments have survived the passage of time.

Whether for obvious post-war economic reasons or out of a concern for environmental responsibility, the practice of vegetable gardening continues to adapt to changes in society.

Recently, the COVID health crisis has reconciled families with the desire to regain control over their consumption and their health.

This knowledge, which seemed to belong only to the older generations (we all have a grandfather or elderly neighbour who has grown vegetables!), is now common practice for one in 5 families.

Although the trend towards self-consumption is growing, 61% of all households producing at home are working or retired farmers.

19% of the products they consume at home come from their own production, compared with 5% for the overall average.

The new generation of self-consumption

For nearly 10 years, Myfood has been working to democratise this practice, and it’s working!

Over 1,000 requests for information and around forty greenhouses leaving our warehouses every month. Homemade food is an obvious choice in a context of general deterioration in environmental, social and economic conditions.

They thank us:

What exactly does growing food with Myfood mean?

So you’re wondering if growing vegetables at home is for you?

Let’s take a look at what’s happening in the kitchen with our pioneers.

Like Lisa, say goodbye to the mental burden of menus, shopping and the eternal dilemma of “price VS quality of what I eat”.

What’s for dinner tonight?

A Myfood family’s April hothouse menus

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Thuesday – Coloured roots
Wednesday – Veggie
Thursday – The green on the greenhouse
Friday – leafy vegetables in the spotlight

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