Gardening: the section where we talk about everything to do with gardening. Gardening is a rewarding activity that connects people with nature. By growing plants, whether vegetables, flowers or aromatic herbs, we discover the rhythm of the seasons, learn patience and create a space of beauty and sustainability in our everyday environment. It’s an art that nourishes not only the soil, but also the soul.

Tips for planting, pruning and boosting your plants, some landscaping advice and tips for pampering biodiversity, a wealth of information to boost your gardening talents.

The internet has undoubtedly become the gardener’s best friend. Blogs, forums, tutorials, YouTube, Pinterest, it’s all good for inspiration and guiding projects. Buy your seeds from online seed retailers, watch tutorials to learn how to mulch, rediscover growing calendars, etc. In the search for productivity and, above all, simplicity, the web is teeming with innovative...
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How to create a landscape garden
Pioneer greenhouse with a water collector Optimising water in a vegetable garden is the key to a tasty and abundant fruit and veggie harvest. In dry periods, when water is at a minimum, plant growth is put on hold. When the season is difficult, when it rains every day and the air is too humid,...
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Having a space around your house is a blessing. Let’s find out why it’s worthwhile to transform your land into a real landscape garden and above all how to do it easily! Why design a landscape garden? The garden is considered the 5th room of the house. Designing your garden allows you to enlarge your...
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