For several weeks now, the lockdown imposed by a health crisis that has been unprecedented for more than a century, has reminded us how fragile our ecosystem is and that we are the first of chordwalkers

This is peculiar for our generations that have only experienced peace and prosperity. By resuming the German Chancellor: this is certainly one of the greatest tests for Humanity, which will bring out the worst as well as the best.

Testimony of a Confined Pioneer Family

This disease challenges all the foundations of our society.
It would be unfortunate if we could not respond to its clarion call: Respect for nature, so mistreated over the last two centuries, respect for others, the fragility of human life, the right place between individuality and community, between economy and human wealth, the balance between primary needs and excessive consumption.


As Matthieu Urban (co-founder of myfood) testifies, his family has for several years now integrated an eco-responsible transition, including adopting a logical and sober food resilience, facilitated by the implementation and maintenance of a greenhouse that largely provides for the family’s nutritional needs in fruits and vegetables.

This self-examination during a period of confinement strengthens the family in its choice of alimentary behaviour, hardly affected by the causes and consequences of a weakened mass distribution.

They enjoy their autonomy peacefully and simply.

Since the beginning of the crisis, more and more people have been perceiving the urgent need for a global change in their consumption habits and distribution circuits. They have joined the ranks of the myfood community, initiated by Matthieu Urban, Mickaël Gandecki and Johan Nazaraly.

Pioneers & a bountiful nature for this spring :

Hundreds of pioneers send us every day the results of their cultivation and satisfaction of being able to produce without being hindered by long product circuits. It is a beautiful promise of spirit and future which reinforces the myfood team in its missions: to democratize accessibility and autonomy regarding alimentary resources.

A 4.0 team dedicated to its missions

The team is back to full strength. After a period of adaptation due to the hazards of Covid-19, it is showing remarkable energy and deploys treasures of skill and courage to remain focused on its missions.

A short retrospective in mood boards of the last few weeks:

Week 3
Week 4
Week 5

We were born at the right time!

For the moment you can no longer visit the greenhouses of our pioneers.
You’re just as us: trapped between an office and your two kids,
the dog and your partner…

Never mind! Escape for just a moment on one of our virtual tours every Tuesday at 2pm and Thursday at 6pm. Sign up now >