The first, legitimate thought that comes to the mind is: is it profitable? Download   In the traditional channels: eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, fine! But at what price?Did you know that the French consumption of fruits and vegetables in conventional distribution channels is €185 per month for a household of 4 people for...
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May 11th has already passed and activities are slowly but surely restarting. This event will undoubtedly be remained in books of History. What our children will learn at school tomorrow is now up to us. Are we going to go back to business as usual, with nothing good to come out of it, or will...
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For several weeks now, the lockdown imposed by a health crisis that has been unprecedented for more than a century, has reminded us how fragile our ecosystem is and that we are the first of chordwalkers This is peculiar for our generations that have only experienced peace and prosperity. By resuming the German Chancellor: this...
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“Anchoring in the landscape and for good” We are opening in 2020 to a fourth year of activity. In the world of startups, each year is one more year towards a balance, a viability and a vision that gradually succeeds in finding its place. Becoming a known and recognized player is a great opportunity and...
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“So how was Vegas?” We have been asked this question very often since we’re back. And what can I say? How can I say ? Because beyond words, we discovered a real and sincere feeling of enthusiasm and openness. In this extraordinary setting, we managed to push the best that we have. An experience which...
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