The benefits of greenhouse gardening in autumn

During the fall, low temperatures can compromise the survival of fruit, flowers and vegetables growing in your garden. Don’t be afraid, the innovative greenhouse is here to help you. It will protect your crops from the seasonal harshness while allowing you to be weather-independent. By anticipating, the greenhouse will be your best ally throughout the year. Beans, lettuce, parsnips, white onions, spinach, turnips or kohlrabi, a whole range of fresh and 100% natural products are waiting for you! Unlike what we might think, autumn is THE perfect time to start the adventure. Discover our 5 good reasons to start growing your own vegetables in an innovative greenhouse this fall!

1. Organise your growing space

Your preparation will be crucial for your crops. Take the time during the change of season to organise and clean up your growing area. Also remember to remove your shade cloth to gain light and warmth. This is the best time to learn about the greenhouse. When the summer season comes, you will be in a better position to optimise your production.

2. Start the water cycling process

The slow season is the perfect time to start the process. It enables you to go at your own pace and ensure a smooth cycling process. Balancing your aquaponics system is essential for your fish and plants. It is a fairly simple process that takes a few weeks to settle. Autumn is therefore the ideal time to get started. Take advantage of the abundant rainfall of the season to collect water and fill your basin. Once you have completed your cycling, you can add your first fish (if you decided for bioponics, cycling is also necessary).

3. Relax in your greenhouse

Imagine the sound of flowing water. The surrounding vegetation, the rain dripping down the drainpipes and along the sides… Your greenhouse becomes a living space, an extra space in your house. In these gloomy times, it’s a great way to rest after a long day. Take some time for yourself, breathe and relax in a unique atmosphere. Up for a break with nature?

4. Grow under shelter

Discover the pleasures of self-production in the comfort of the greenhouse! This is the purpose of the greenhouse. In September, it is difficult to start a vegetable garden. With the greenhouse, it’s possible. Your crops are protected from the weather variations. Our greenhouses are designed to last, even hailstorms won’t interfere! Expand the seasons, grow longer and easier.

5. Get to know the community

Once the greenhouse is in place, you won’t be alone on this journey. We developed a collaborative platform to facilitate the use of our products. Our users can communicate and ask questions live. Our team of agronomists will assist you on a daily basis and answer your questions in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Take advantage of the off-peak period to get information from our teams!

And our Hub

You will be able to follow the evolution of your greenhouse on a daily basis thanks to the integrated box located inside it. It gathers informations such as the pH of the water or the temperature. Remotely, on your smartphone, tablet or computer, you will be able to check your dashboard through our application. So you can go to work or on holiday and be notified of any corrections that need to be made in your system. It’s simple, quick and convenient. The Hub also provides valuable guidelines for managing your greenhouse on a daily basis.

Of course this is not an exhaustive list. We could also have told you about the possibility to start your crops in containers boxes, the comfort of anticipating seedlings which allows you to have a constant shift in the greenhouse or the possibility to change the type of vegetable you grow throughout the years… Don’t wait any longer and get started with innovative growing this autumn!

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